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Traditional Wings.

Crispy Hand-Crafted Wings, Traditional or Boneless. Tossed in your favorite “Wing Kitchen” sauce or dry rub.

Chef’s Chicken Sandwich

Crispy Buttermilk Fried Tenders on a bakery fresh hoagie roll with Wing sauce of your choice, and pickles.

Hand-Cut Fries

Hand-cut potatoes, brined, & fried to order. Seasoned with Chef’s Love Mix, & kosher salt.

Hand Crafted Sauces

All sauces are hand-crafted by Chopped Champion Chef TimWitcher and The Wing Kitchen Chefs.

Wing Kitchen Sauce Flavors -Honey jalapeno *Sweet Heat. *Garlic Parmesan. *Smokehouse BBQ *Buffalo *Sesame Ginger

Signature Dry Rubs

Flavors – *Lemon Pepper *Ranch *Firecracker

*Ghost Pepper – Very Hot (Add $1.50 per 8 boneless wings, 6 traditional wings, 4 tenders, or 1/2 lb cauliflower)

Chili Lime Slaw

Creamy coleslaw infused with fresh lime juice, crushed red chili’s, honey, & spices.

Our Wing Slinging Hours

11am – 7pm

11am – 8pm

11pm – 8pm

11:00am– 7:00pm

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