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Every week Chef Witcher creates an “off ” menu sauce, which is only available for one week. This culinary master loves to make off the wall, wildly bold and shall we say sexy flavors. Don’t miss out on these specials, and join our sauce mailing list so you are notified when Chef Witcher releases something new. 

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Traditional Wings.

Crispy Hand-Crafted Wings, Traditional or Boneless. Tossed in your favorite “Wing Kitchen” sauce or dry rub.


Chef’s Chicken Sandwich

Crispy Buttermilk Fried Tenders on a bakery fresh hoagie roll with Wing sauce of your choice, and pickles.


Hand-Cut Fries

Hand-cut potatoes, brined, & fried to order. Seasoned with Chef’s Love Mix, & kosher salt.

Hand Crafted Sauces

All sauces are hand-crafted by Chopped Champion Chef Tim Witcher and The Wing Kitchen Chefs.

Wing Kitchen Sauce Flavors -Honey jalapeno *Sweet Heat. *Garlic Parmesan. *Smokehouse BBQ *Buffalo *Sesame Ginger

Signature Dry Rubs

Flavors – *Lemon Pepper *Ranch *Firecracker

*Ghost Pepper – Very Hot (Add $1.50 per 8 boneless wings, 6 traditional wings, 4 tenders, or 1/2 lb cauliflower)

$5.99/ Pint

Chili Lime Slaw

Creamy coleslaw infused with fresh lime juice, crushed red chili’s, honey, & spices.



So What’s The Wing Kitchen About?


Quality Ingredients and Bold Flavors!


Top Skills

Chopped Champion

Chef Timothy Witcher

Chef Inspired, Fresh, Delicious


Our approach is to provide our customers with hot, fresh, one of a kind Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders, and fresh-cut French Fries with exciting flavor combinations, and gourmet tossing sauces.


As a professional chef, I have had the incredible opportunity to run multiple restaurant and banquet kitchens, which has allowed me to encounter staff from across the globe.  Working with these amazing cooks and chefs gave me a great appreciation for a wide variety of diverse ingredients, and a deep understanding of unfamiliar flavor combinations that are incredible.  The Wing Kitchen will concentrate on great fresh ingredients, simply crafted by expert hands, but embrace big and bold authentic flavors, that will transcend the chicken wing.

Why choose The Wing Kitchen?



We at The Wing Kitchen will make each box of wings, tenders, and fries an experience.  The first few bites will excite your taste buds, but licking those salty spices, and sweet & savory sauces off your fingers will keep you coming back!

Our Wing Slinging Hours

11am – 7pm

11am – 8pm

11pm – 8pm

11:00am– 7:00pm

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